Sovereign Properties

Sovereign Properties

The ambiance and design of your commercial space leave a deep impact on the way you conduct your business and the profits and growth that you can expect from it. Understanding this financial as well as employees/employers comfort and emotional quotient, Sovereign Properties prides itself in offering you fresh commercial office space and retail spaces for rent/lease as well as purchase, rent etc. for commercial deals and dedicated team for Land & Developers with Joint Venture and Outright Deals for Lands & Projects that would look tailor-made for you and as much possible as per our client’s requirements. We are confident of providing you with a truly thrilling experience which simplifies each and every step of renting/purchasing a property that will be an asset to you, every step of the way.

Sovereign Properties equally works hard with complete sincerity for the Property Owners, Builders and landlords to match their property to eligible Licensee/Buyer, comforting the needs of both in a balanced and provides a win-win situation for their clients.

Making a mark with its presence felt as a Property and Real Estate Consultants/Brokers in Mumbai and Kolkata and network with no border. We take pride in making those dreams and passion possible which even their dreamer thought as unattainable. Making its humble beginnings from Kolkata three decades back, the company has today broken state borders and created a name for itself in Mumbai as well. Our presence shines through across the eastern and western belts of India. Today, we are proud to be synonymous with credibility, reliability as well as affordability with our client base and even with our associates and competitors.

Be it any property decision, like renting, purchasing, or selling, we pride ourselves in providing a unique experience and a value which exceeds the money invested by any client. Our team of Real Estate Consultants/Brokers work with a singular focus on and with the client to realize their dream property within the comforts of their budget. Our working model draws from the exclusive model of the real estate developed by some of its distinguished and veteran real estate agents.

Whether you need stretches to Commercial Real Estate or Residential or Retail Property, we undoubtedly admit to being your dream partner who promises to make your entire journey memorable and hassle free. Trust Sovereign Properties to understand your requirement to the tee and working with you to make various things easy for you like LOI preparations as well as helping in agreement preparations. We are committed to helping you find not only your dream property but also extract joy from it all!

We confidently boast of providing you with customer service as well as real estate resources which are inaccessible from any other quarters. Our Representatives listen intently to your needs, ask you the right questions and gives out honest answers while catering to your needs. You will feel our care and skill at every step of the way. Our commitment to providing value to our customers with complete transparency, timely delivery, quick response and productive relationships help us get clients mostly by the mouth of referral appreciation. Our network and partnership with some leading builders and investors help make us available their properties at your disposal. We are our clients’ partner of choice!

With a history of excellent service and high rate of satisfaction track record, Sovereign Properties professes to be your coveted destination to meet any of your property requirements. Feel free to browse various sections of our website to know more about different aspects of our business. For more information or any query, do not hesitate to buzz us or speak to one of our representatives. Else, fill in the Contact Us Page and we would get in touch with you on a priority.